Limit the time you spend unproductively

Timecap helps you to limit the time you waste on things you would like to avoid.
It creates a way for you to create time goals for activities you would like to do more of and to track the time you spend on unproductive things.
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Hi Hunters, I wanted to create a different way to track time. Since time is the only asset we can't get more of, it's wise to see where it's spent. This app tracks time in a goal/limit based way. I like to consider it a Screentime for your life. Let me know what you guys think of this approach. Any feedback is appreciated.
This one looks cool.
Clean, intuitive interface. I've tried a range of different time tracking apps, but having the effort tied to specific goals or attempts to adjust behaviour is an attractive proposition. Hoping to see sync between devices made available at some point in the future. Will that be a "prime" feature? The timeline's a nice bonus— would be useful to be able to zoom out on it. Also, would be good to see some data export options— CSV? Nonetheless, job well done thus far.
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@jsamlarose I delayed working on sync to see if the app will get tractions so its worth investing in working on that. But seeing the response these last two weeks i think i will implement that soon. I guess it I will make it prime, since server costs are involved. Timeline is in beta, zooming/switching days and hours is in my todo list. Thank you.
@ziggycrane all makes sense. Sounds like the future’s bright for this one. Looking forward to further developments.
Hey @ziggycrane, really like the UI of the app! Will check it out now.
@alexanderolssen Thank you! Let me know your thoughts.
Can you provide a coupon code for early users i.e. Me
@falak_sher I would, if I could! I will implement such functionality in the future versions. If you stick around, let me know I will give you free prime for life.
@ziggycrane Thank you. I used it for a week. I will start using it again soon.
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@falak_sher I submitted an update today. Should be live tomorrow. Little redesign, added custom periods like only every monday, wedneday etc. A lot of other little things. Also an ability for you to get free Prime. When you get version 1.1.0 DM me and I will tell you how you can get Prime for free.
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