Timebomb Messenger

Send secret messages that open based on time or location 💣

#4 Product of the DayDecember 23, 2016
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Very fun idea - great website and product announcement! Downloading the app now! As another thought - have you guys thought about combining with a social payment app (i.e. Venmo, Paypal, etc.) and including a gift with each location unlock? For example, use case of unlocking at Starbucks - say I left a gift for my friend there like "Hey, good luck studying here at Starbucks - here's 4$ for your drink today!" or if you leave one at a bar and when your friends get there it says "Hey, try out this great IPA, here's 5$ it's on me!" I don't know how logistically that could work but just an idea. Can't wait to share this with my family - great job!
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In a world of knockoffs, Timebomb is more refreshing than sipping a dry-iced paloma from a kayak tethered to the Margerie. Timebomb enables users to send triggered social interactions based on location, time, or whenever you hit the big red button. It feels like a digital marketer's playground, and it's the coolest concept I've come across since ephemeral messaging. Instead of tethering us to a screen, Timebomb tethers users to a locus: a specific time or place or moment. It turns out that the intersection of Snapchat, Geocaching, and Auitopilot is in a pretty cool part of town.
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I used an app leave messages for people to view at a specific location, I really loved that idea. But one of the things I hoped was to have more friends using the app, I ended up being the only one used it so my message was not delivered. I wish there is a way to integrate this to existing systems like fb messenger so we don't have to keep creating new channels.
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@rick_chen1 I was thinking this too. I feels like it could be a feature of an existing message app. I am not sure if enough of my friends will be using this, or use it frequently enough to keep it around as an stand-alone app. love the concept though!
Looks funny :) Maybe some brands use it for their new campaigns.
Only available in the U.S. Store :( Any reason for that?
@dylan36032 i'm sad , there's nothing for *EU store ?
@otymix all I know is that it's not available in de Swiss 🇨🇭 App Store, I guess they made it just available in the US App Store ¯\_(ツ)_/¯