Quickly cut out the silent parts of your media file.

TimeBolt is a desktop app that lets you quickly cut out the silence / dead-air / low-volume parts of your video or audio file.

You can render the output natively, or export project to Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Resolve etc.

Automate Video Editing!

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I included a sample input and output mp4 file in the gallery. This product evolved out of the need of me having to sit hours editing out the silent parts of my videos (I make video tutorials on YouTube). 😊
@quinston Awesome stuff man! I had this exact idea to help a friend make their YouTube videos more dynamic, and google results showed people searching but no product existed. I wrote the entire code using Node.js + fluent-ffmpeg. This was at a time when I didn't know to use promises/async, so I never understood why it didn't work 100% of the time, thus abandoned it πŸ™ƒ. Glad to see someone ship this!
@kevinyun Nice! I wrote the app first in Python using video.py but packaging applications is pretty frustrating in Python. Sooo, I abandoned it (this was a year ago). I learned how to build apps using Electron.js in late 2018. Thought I'd revisit this project and voila, got the whole thing to work. Also, this IS built with Electronjs + Nodejs + fluent-ffmpeg. ;) Great minds think alike. Haha.
Quick Update: We're changed the name of the product to TimeBolt and have been working hard to make this the best video pre-processor / dead-air & silence remover on the planet. New features include exporting to Premier Pro XML (Resolve), Final Cut Pro XML, EDL along with native rendering. Also, FastForward and Automatic Transitions! Find the new version at timebolt.io! Thank you for the upvotes. It helped the product get loads of attention!