Adds multiple timeframe progress bars to your macOS menu.

Quantify your life with TimeBars!
Visualize daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual time intervals as progress bars displayed across your macOS menu bar.
Customize your bar with custom colors!
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Dope, love how these are visualised πŸ‘
Would be really nice if you could add a label, like "Groove Cruise".
@iryanbell love this! Suggestions: I'd love to see this integrated with my calendar, making countdowns to my events and would also love it on mobile πŸ™
@amrith That's a great idea! Perhaps you would select the calendar, then it would display the next upcoming event.
@amrith Thinking more about imported events from a progress bar perspective, it's not immediately obvious where the start range would be defined for a single upcoming event. If the previous event were able to be accessed, we could render the delta, but that might not always be the best solution. A simple "days remaining" count would be straight forward, perhaps in a drop-down list some 15 items deep or so.
Does this have url-scheme or applescript support? Being able to create one from the commandline/applescript would allow us to make any countdown visualised in the menubar. @iryanbell
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@bensleveritt Currently, it does not. That would be a very cool feature. So programmatically, users would send new start+end times for custom timers? The main goal of the app was to get the auto day/week/month/quarter/year timers in place.
@iryanbell You know what users are like. Arbitary start/stop times would allow me to use this to make countdowns to my next meeting, and for pomodoro-like visualisations. TimeBars looks great btw!