Timebar is a mac app that helps you beat procrastination right from the menu bar.

Here's how Timebar works:

1. Start a task timer and quickly get to work.

2. Beat the clock and stay focused or risk going into overtime!

3. If you do get distracted, Timebar sends you notifications to focus.

4. When you're done, we'll show you where all your time.

Hi @david_m1. I like the potential of this little app. From an educator's perspective, it would be awesome if you could communicate to Timebar prior to starting the timer which app you were going to work in. Similarly, it would be nice if Timebar could then keep data of what other apps were loaded during the timer & for how long. For example, I want to encourage someone to write an essay in Microsoft Word for 15 minutes. I select Microsoft Word & the amount of time, & if the user switches to Spotify for 2 minutes, that gets logged in Timebar. Also, how about the option to disallow someone from stopping a timer once it's been set?
@ghundermark Those are very interesting ideas. I especially like your idea of preventing people from pausing the timer once it has started. Thanks for the feedback!