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#4 Product of the DayMay 14, 2014
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This is not a recommended version.
This is the good one, even if it´s still in Beta (launching Today or Tomorrow I think): http://get-popcorn.com/
Popcorn Time received a lot of attention when it launched a few months ago. Shortly afterward the original creators shut it down but the source lives on. This ridiculous video explains it all (sort of). :)
@staringispolite Here are the two main complaints from Reddit: - Time4Popcorn has stolen most of its code from our amazing contributors on discuss.get-popcorn.com. (Without giving credits). - Time4Popcorn has disabled all coding exept for the nodewebkit, they refer to a server to watch movies. This server's code can be taken offline, be made into a honeypot for the feds or to steal your bankaccount. Simply because the code is just like a website. And you install that on your pc. Installing Time4Popcorn could lead to many bad things, because you install only the nodewebkit for streaming and the rest is only shown by using the website: app.time4popcorn.eu.
@mbavio Why do you recommend one over the other? I don't have time to read the whole Reddit thread above and follow its links to research... looks like an issue of citing vs not citing the original open source, and the fact it uses a central server, both of which seem like silly politics as opposed to merits of the two projects. (Even though the title of that article says "incredibly dangerous", the content of the article says "Time4Popcorn isn't dangerous" and "there has not been found any harmful code in Time4Popcorn".)