A curated toolkit of 90+ tools to help you -
✅Remove social media distractions
📵Decrease phone screen time
📅Log daily habits
⏱️Analyse and track your time
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In 2019, we personally used and reviewed 100s of tools to be more productive. We also tried extreme methods like completely giving up on smartphones! https://twitter.com/adityarao310... If you want to spend your time in better ways in 2020; then this would be perfect for you! Some of those experiments worked, and some didn't.. this is that toolkit! If you want to add a tool here - reach out to us ✌️
looks helpful and much needed! thanks Aditya and Ankit for the list!
Damn cool! I hear a lot of people talking about being more productive these days. I'm sure this will help :)
@adityarao Nice job) Tell please how to post product to your toolkit?