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Time Travel is the fastest timezone converter that works seamlessly on web and mobile. Travel in time with simple swipe gesture.
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Times have changed (pun fully intended) — our entire social life looks different now. We haven’t met any of our friends in person in over 6 weeks. However, a new trend emerged — we’re taking more effort to keep in touch with family and friends. As an immigrant living in the US, I‘ve not been great at keeping in touch with folks back in India. With the newly found “free” time, we jumped on a Zoom with cousins across 3 continents for the first time ever and it was a LOT of fun. After a couple of calls, one problem stood out — it’s difficult to find a time that works for everyone. So, I decided to build one with the following goals — 📱 No app/extension install and no account creation — Should be able to configure once, bookmark and come back later to my list of timezones anytime 🕒 No sliders, button press, etc — the simplest possible interactions 🚀 Super fast! ❤️ Simple yet powerful UX on web and mobile 🌎 Should be able to search by any city in the world — not have to remember exact timezone 🆓 FREE 🥁🥁🥁 Introducing, Time Travel — the fastest way to convert timezones Time Travel does one thing only — convert timezones fast! 1. Goto https://timetravel.sharath.app 2. Add a timezone 3. Swipe or hover to travel time 4. Enjoy 5. Bookmark for later I built and deployed this over a few hours and this could not have been possible without OSS and freemium software. A big thanks to - ReactJS - TypeScript - Tailwind CSS - Netlify - GitLab - Favicon.io Looking forward to feedback from the community. Thanks!
@sharathprabhal I added a local time (Eastern US), but when I hover over it, it displays a different time that is an hour or so off and I wondered what time it is showing me.
@dontheideaguy The current time is displayed at the top in blue. When you hover, you enter "time travel" mode immediately, so the time depends on how far you've moved from entering the region.
Love the idea. Thanks for creating this. Is it possible to re-arrange the time zones? I don't want to have to delete all the other ones if I have a particular city first.
Thanks @mburton , not at the moment but will add it to the feature backlog.