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Time tracking freelancers won't hate


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    BeatriceWeb developer

    It's ridiculously easy and seamless. Everything can be done in 5 clicks or less.


    Since a lot of things are done for you, there isn't much room for customization, but it's a fair trade-off.

    My clients love the invoices that And.co produces, mainly because of its "pay me" button that a lot of them find super convenient. It's the best freelancing productivity tool I've used so far.

    Beatrice has used this product for one month.


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Jake CrumpPro@jakecrump · Community Team with Product Hunt
@leifthunder I'd love to hear about the development of this feature. What was your main goal with this new feature?
Leif AbrahamMaker@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@jakecrump Hey Jake! I personally hated tracking time, so we wanted to build an experience that takes the pain out of it, integrates seamlessly with AND CO's invoicing, your personal Chief Operator and more importantly - gets out of your way when you're not using it. My co-founder Martin wrote a nice post about all the thinking that was going into it: https://blog.and.co/2016/07/21/i...
Lukas Welte@lukaswelte
Will all the tax specific stuff just work for US or do you have the option to get legal invoices and tax prepared in other countries like Germany or other European countries
Leif AbrahamMaker@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@lukaswelte Hey Lukas! We are currently focussed on the US but will launch a version soon that support other currencies. Tax prep and tips will stay with a US focus tho. #ButGermanyisGreat #GermansRock #IamGerman #Hashtags
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
Congrats on the app launch, super exciting to see you guys continue to build out products for the new economy :)
Justin MitchellPro@itsthisjustin · I help startups at SoFriendly.com
Huge fan of these guys. Really pushing for an Android release soon though. Been using the service since launch and loving it.
Leif AbrahamMaker@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@itsthisjustin Thanks Justin! Glad you like what we're building! Android coming very soon, stay tuned :)