Time To Reply

Track your staff's email response time metrics

Hey Hunters,

Time To Reply was born out of a need we had in our own lead generation business where some lead buyers were complaining about the quality of the leads.

When we did some investigation we realized that those companies that were responding quickly to inbound emails got the most sales and got a better ROI on their marketing. Enjoy!

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Absolutely critical to respond to leads within 5 mins. Now you know who’s working on your sales team and who’s slacking.


Better conversion of sales leads



Hey Chris, absolutely. Nowadays competitors are often a click away and studies by the likes of Forbes, Kellogg and Harvard Business Review show just how important a fast response to a new sales enquiry is. One study stated that 78% of sales go to the first company to respond. I guess people trust companies that are on the ball...
What kind of data does Time To Reply make available to employers? Email-specific data, or just time to respond?
@nickabouzeid Hey Nick, we use the email header information (TO, FROM, CC, SUBJECT LINE, TIME STAMPS and MESSAGE IDs) to produce analytics on email response time (first response and overall response), time taken to forward emails, email volumes, received volumes, reply volumes, sent volumes. We do this per mailbox we are monitoring and then allow our users to see what the entire account is doing as a whole. We also cater for individual performance statistics to a shared or group mailbox, we offer SLA tracking on the domain level (email level coming soon). Shout if you have any other questions!
@nickabouzeid Sorry, just to add to that. We don't view or process the body or attachments of any email. So it is purely the email header information that gets processed and made available via csv / excel download. We're looking to do a Zapier integration in the next 3 months. Cheers
@timetoreply Cool! Appreciate it. Sounds like a nifty product. :)
Since using Timetoreply , I have seen an increase of lead conversion and sales due to increased response times from my Team and increased customer satisfaction by utilizing the SLA Tracking in Timetoreply ensuring quick and efficient responses to customers across all aspects of business. Well done Timetoreply
Dane this looks really cool, especially for companies where leads are handled primarily via email. Have your existing customers generally found a bigger convertion rate when using your tool?
@marcperel Hey Mark, we've had customers who've been with us for over 2 years now and they can vouch for having high conversion rates to sales enquiries for sure. But customers are also using our software to track internal email performance within their own business as well as tracking their response time to support queries that fall outside of their ticketing systems.
@timetoreply It's nice to see there are more use-cases than purely sales leads, that's cool!

Having spent a lot of time looking, Time To Reply is the only tool we have identified that allows me to compare the performance of employees in terms of how they repond to client emails.


Never found anybody else that offers this data. SImple to use. Low cost.


Can't think of any