Time Passport

Time travel in AR for mobile platforms

What we do is time travel.

We are an augmented reality studio that is dedicated to make people travel back in time and see the events that made history.

See the Hanging Gardens of Babylon at home! With your mobile, live a life-sized experience by using the app in an open area or view a miniature table-top version. Get it here on iOS.

Hey @philfo, Tell us more about this, and how users have been experiencing it. What cities have been the most popular?
Hi @jacqvon, We are an independent studio that specializes in time travel in augmented reality. We founded the company because we were dreaming of being able to simply take out our phones to see the events that took place on historical sites. The first tests of our product were in Québec City with a 1760 geolocalized English boat sailing on the St. Lawrence River and the public response was amazing. Families from all over the world were enthusiastic because they could see what happened in a particular area simply from their mobile. Then, we decided to go forward with the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the first public demo of our global project. The unknown location of the real Hanging Gardens gives us a wonderful pretext to show it to people all over the world. Our in-house historian has worked on making sure the elements and the content that we see respect what we know about it today. We have never been closer to actually walking inside the gardens! We have many other surprises coming, but meanwhile, we are hoping people will enjoy this demo that we believe uses AR in a fun and educative way.
This looks nice and fun! Great idea.