Time In List for Trello

Identify slow cards and bottlenecks on your Trello boards

Time In List for Trello is the simplest way to track how long cards spend in your lists and on your boards.

Displayed on the front of each card is how long it has been in the current list.

Get historical data loaded as soon as you add the Power-Up, review and improve on past performance with our charts and history on the back of each card :)

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Great product -- it's simple yet serves a common pain point for Trello users.
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excellent project, success in your endeavors
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Doesn't make much sense to pay for it as well as for Corrello


checking the time in each list is nice


should be free for corrello subscribers

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Nice plugin. Do you plan to embed it into Corrello plugin? Or it is going to be a separate one.
@hovl I'll be keeping it separate. This sort of came from people signing up for Corrello but wanting a straight time in list calculation rather than the Cycle Time calcs we so (which can be different when there is re-work). However, you can get the time in list from Corrello if you add the (Free) Agile Tools power-up to boards you are reporting on in Corrello 😉
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@robinwarren we use Agile Tools together with Corrello. Thanks! Agile Tools power-up does not have this column vs time view as shown in the Time in List power-up.
@hovl Sure, I should look to add that in Agile Tools as well. Good spot 😃
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Looks useful for Project managers and all other kinds of activity coordinators.