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Hey guys, I'm Nik, I write the blog Four Minute Books, where I publish daily book summaries in 2016. Back in July I tried to find out what'd most help the people who've signed up for the email newsletter, so I asked them. The feedback was pretty unanimous: Of 163 respondents, over 50% said they struggle with not having enough time to read. I realized that while the book summaries address that problem, they don't really solve it. They're just a way to adjust. I've been helping people with their habits as a @coachdotme coach since 2014. I've worked with over 300 people and through the blog I've read my fair share of books and book summaries over the past 2 years as well. So I thought I'd combine everything I know about habit change and reading into this course. It took me around 4 months to make on the side, several hundred hours went into it. It's broken down into 7 lessons, which are aimed at slowly re-introducing books and reading back into your life. By taking small, incremental steps in a way that's fun and not overwhelming, I think there are in fact some things you can do to make reading regularly easier. Here are the lessons: * Lesson 1: How to get your attention span back
 * Lesson 2: Why no one compares to you
 * Lesson 3: How to show yourself you DO have time to read
 * Lesson 4: How you can make reading effortless
 * Lesson 5: How you can trigger yourself to read without having to remember it
 * Lesson 6: What The Nothing Alternative can teach you about consistent reading
 * Lesson 7: How to make reading more fun than ever & why that matters All of the lessons come with a STORY, a PRINCIPLE and an EXPERIMENT. That way I hope people will stay curious (and actually want to read), can learn something they can apply to life in general, not just reading, and take action towards building a reading habit at the same time. If you share the course after signing up, you'll also get 22 free fiction and non-fiction books I've compiled from around the web and that a few author friends have thankfully volunteered to include. It's packed with bonuses, goodies and little fun gimmicks here and there as well. I really put a lot of work into it and I'd love the feedback of the PH community. It's my version of a digital "advent calendar" a German tradition leading up to Christmas, and I hope you enjoy it. Happy reading and let me know what you think! -Nik
@coachdotme Also, here's a post on Medium with a bit more background, as well as the core framework/lessons of the course: https://betterhumans.coach.me/a-...
@niklasgoeke @coachdotme Thank you, Nik! It's good for me and a great gift for my friends who enjoy reading, but don't enjoy building a discipline around the habit of reading!
@oana_co Thank you Oana :)