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#3 Product of the DaySeptember 19, 2017

Timber.io is a cloud based logging platform, specifically engineered for Ruby, Elixir and Node apps. It automatically structures your log data with it's open source packages, makes the lines readable, adds valuable context, and lets you easily create graphs and alerts from your logs.

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Hey PH! This has been a long time coming, but we're incredibly excited to be releasing Timber to the community today. Logging has always been a major headache for us as developers, and we've been obsessed with creating an unparalleled developer experience that makes setting them up a breeze. Timber's simple drop in packages for Ruby, Elixir and Node can be set up with one command, and automatically format, structure and ship your logs to the service. They also add additional context along the way like the current user, HTTP request information, exceptions, and much more. We're really hoping that you all enjoy it and it makes your lives as developers that much easier, don't hesitate to reach out to us with feedback or comments 🌲.
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Coming from a heavy Loggly user, this is an amazing execution. Makes cloud logging super straight-forward along with powerful filtering options. I'll keep playing with it some more, but so far it looks very solid.


Beautiful interface, seamless installation, responsive support.


I just found it out

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We've been using Timber in production for a while now at Exeq, and it's been mission critical to us. Having consolidated, searchable logging across our (5+) systems has been awesome. Love working with their team as well; they love feedback and take it very well. Their alerting is actually too verbose for our needs at times, but configurability is coming! Would highly recommend.


Design, usability, ease of implementation, speed of team.


Alerting, it exists but can be better...but having read future specs, there's a lot in the works that makes me excited!

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Big day! Excited this is out there and more people can use it.
@ericfriedman When you find great products like this, feel free to share with the teams around you :P

If you use Rails+Heroku (or any of the other stacks they have special integrations for) I'd highly recommend it, as there are a bunch of convenient features you get out of the box, like being able to easily query the logs of a specific user, etc


Brilliant, easy-to-use logging (and-then-some) in a beautiful, intuitive UI. Lots of useful, developer-friendly features that "just work."


That it's only coming out now!