AWS cost management for busy developers

Tim is a DevOps product that helps technical teams drastically reduce their cloud management overhead. Tim, reads your AWS cost reports, analyzes infrastructure metrics and business events, and forecasts AWS costs in real-time.
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We use Taloflow at Later. I thought we ran a tight ship in regards to AWS costs but Taloflow found $3k a month in waste the first day 😳 We’re definitely on this product’s hype train and look forward to its further development.
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@imackinn Thanks for sharing that Ian! So much detail gets buried in millions of lines in a typical AWS Cost Report. Who has the time to figure it out? So we surface what really matters, enrich/enhance, inform you in your workflow and make the cost information as actionable as possible.
Hey ProductHunt 👋 I’m Jason, Co-Founder & Head of Product at Taloflow. 🤔Problem: From running our own startups or developer teams in the past we’ve experienced first-hand the pain of managing cloud budgets. We’ve tried various tools including native Amazon, Google, and Azure products and other third party tools but have found them to be inadequate or overcomplicated. None of them are truly “real-time”, they’re reactive not proactive, and they don’t tie in key metrics development or product teams care about. 💡Solution: Tim is a DevOps product that helps technical teams drastically reduce their cloud management overhead. Tim cuts down your MTTR on cost incidents, and encourages better release planning and more efficient cloud architecture. Key features: - Cost monitoring and forecasting that is as real-time as your infrastructure. - Advanced anomaly detection and trend analysis performed with machine learning. - Root cause analysis that examines infrastructure/business events and deployments. Tim reads your cost reports, analyzes infrastructure metrics and events, and forecasts your usage and spend in real-time. We provide cost and metrics data as a streaming dataflow and provide integrations with tools like Grafana, Google Sheets, and Slack so you can manage this dataflow in tools your team is already familiar with. 💪Customers: We’ve been working with cloud-native teams such as Segment, Adstage, Later, and more - who are managing their bill 10 faster than other tools and finding unique insights about their cloud footprint. We’re also completely free for indie makers and developers up to 5K a month in spend!
Wow! Nice work, Jason, Louis-Victor and team 🔥
@nadiatatlow Thanks Nadia, appreciate it🙌
Smart idea. I'm curious how much companies overspend on AWS (and other cloud services) due to inefficiencies like this. 🤔
Great idea, reasonable cost, simplifies operations.