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Tilted is an intuitive wearable that enhances any PC gamer's arsenal with 8 extra commands using simple head gestures - Under $50

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I play PUBG everyday and in an average game, those actions are extremely common(crouching, drinking from cans etc). This seems like an innovative product but was there any research done on the condition of a gamer’s neck after a 30 minute game? Gamers are suffering from De Quervain’s because of games like this and that’s because the constant movement of the thumb causes swelling of the tendons in the wrist area. Alternating those movements with one’s neck does not seem to be a good idea to me and that crouching gesture looks extremely uncomfortable. Also, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a gamer who hits the keys like that girl in the first 10 seconds of the video. Even noobs don’t play like that. You guys could’ve at least used a real gamer to demo this.
@faisal_hassanx Hey! Thanks for your thoughts. Especially noted for the video, we're actually making revisions with better demos from streamers, and will most likely change that beginning part now that you pointed it out. So thank you! As for the neck aspect, it's the number one question we get actually. You'd be surprised...after hundreds of hours of playing and testing this, none of us have had any cramps, etc just yet. The version in the video was of our earliest rounds of prototypes. Currently, they're such slight neck movements especially with sensitivity adjustment that the only way we can see this giving you any of those are if you key bind your weapon trigger with a head movement (which we don't recommend haha). Tilted's meant to simply support your keyboard and mouse and is best used for SECONDARY commands, not primary ones. It also currently has 8 key configurable gestures for any PC game and software, you don't have to use the crouch. It's simply just for those that want more versatility since you don't just have to use it on your head, but your arm, foot, and we even have one of our community members use it as a joystick using a tripod mount haha. As for the research about De Quervain's...I'll be sure to do more research about that today and get back to you after more testing since I personally don't currently understand much about it yet. Not sure if you'll be at TwitchCon, but we'll be there and I'm definitely all ears for more feedback! Thanks again for the thoughtful comments 😉 L
@faisal_hassanx I've used the product for quite some time now on several different games, and I can add some notes to each point you've made here. As far as it hurting your neck, I honestly haven't ever really experienced any discomfort. The device is feather-light (not even noticeable at all) and if you don't want to use the hotkeys that you use by tilting your head in different directions, it's as easy as just grabbing the device, tossing it onto your desk and moving on with the actual keys. Or you could simply just keep your head still (usually happens while gaming unless you get REALLY into your games haha) and use the keys. The crouching gesture does ~seem~ a bit awkward, and it definitely is if anyone is watching you play, but it really is pretty useful and doesn't require any type of learning curve. I'm sure in the video, it just seems like she's going a little extra just because such a device requires you to be a little extra; never before have I seen or considered moving up or down to crouch/stand, but I know of plenty of gamers (including myself) that peek and crouch like that in-game, so the GIF doesn't really stand out to me.
@faisal_hassanx It is very nifty feature to have for people who have limited mobility though to be able to execute actions both in games and in general computing events.
Already supported on Kickstarter, can't wait to get my hands on one!

Tilted is an incredible piece of hardware to add to your arsenal, or to your productivity kit. Absolutely love the ability to use it not only on top of your headset (what it was mainly intended for) but you could stick it to anything so long as you have a magnet handy.


EXTREMELY versatile, not just for gaming, good for disabled PC users, AMAZING customer support, very professional company


Honestly, nothing I can think of after reviewing the product personally.

I play games which has leaning as an option (ex: PUBG, Rainbow 6, etc) and I tend to ACTUALLY tilt my head while pressing my lean/tilt buttons. I believe having Tilted will give you an opportunity to focus on your game more by having less buttons to press and give you an immersive experience in your game 😃