A tilting game you'll love and hate, for your phone

Another game by the folks at Noodlecake Games. This brings back (positive and frustrating) memories of MarbleBalls Madness. https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=...
Congrats on the launch, @jyrikilpelainen. I'm curious to hear about your design process. How do you build "fun"? 😃
@rrhoover Step by step :) We did the very first prototype last summer but at that time things didn't feel right with the gameplay. So we started working on other prototypes. Then last October we had some fresh ideas for the game. After some testing we felt that we were onto something and from there on we just decided to build the game around those ideas. For me, one the most important things in a game are the controls. Tilt controls are really hard to "get right", especially in a physics-based game. We got lots of valuable feedback from Noodlecake and I have to say I'm really pleased how the controls turned out in the end. I have a day job and my wife is on nursing leave taking care of our two daughters. So we have been making Tiltagon on evenings and weekends. It's been a pretty exhausting 6 months so I'm really glad to see the game being finally released :-)
Frustrating is the word! Can't seem to get more than 4 so far. Haha.