The simplest smartphone stand

This looks super useful for development and tasks...
@chrismessina The one thing missing for development is the lightning/usb cable :(
@hmd183 looks like you can upgrade to a version that charges for $30
@chrismessina This guys voice is as beautiful as tilt itself.
@hmd183 cable support = +$30
@hmd183 You can upgrade to a charge version for Apple or Android/Windows for $30. And our lightning cables are MFI certified with Apple!
I'm keen to know if you buy the charging version (who wouldnt want that version?!) then will it pop up on your iphone complaining about 3rd party chargers not being supported, or will it be authorised? I've lost count the number of chargers I've bought over the last year that Apple decide are not worth enough to charge my phone. @iamseankennedy
@jasondainter TILT's cables are MFI certified by Apple and are provided by Bouncepad, a US based company that has been making iPad/iPhone products for a long time. So there should be no issues with the cables. Reach out to me if you have any other questions or concerns!
@iamseankennedy - i have a similar one from evernote and have used it for ~1y now. i can say that the #1 usability issue with these under-cable stands is the manufacturer not providing a mechanism to fix the cable in place. Every time I plug in my ipad it pushes the cable out through the bottom, or I need to pull it out, plug it in, then thread it back in. It's not really convenient. Can you folks make sure you address this in yours? People want to just be able to plug the phone in like a dock, and to do that the cable needs to be firmly held in place.
The truly "simplest" stand I ever had/used (but nowhere near as sexy) 😂 http://m.instructables.com/id/00...
@cprins_ Well you made me chuckle!
@iamseankennedy hehe, but on a more serious note... the "Arkon Folding stand" was the only one I ever purchased back in JAN/2013 (still using it!), but the main issue is always the lack of decent cable support for both portrait AND landscape
Great idea. I don't know if I'd pay $30 more for a charging version. Just put your phone sideways (landscape) and plug in your cable.