Tillid Cast

A virtual browser in the cloud

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Tillid Cast is a virtual browser in the cloud, that you can cast, save, and share. You can use it to share access to website to anyone. No installation is required.

With today demo, experience the Tillid-Cast browser for free, with no signup.



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Maxence Dalmais
Maxence DalmaisMaker@maxence_dalmais
Hey founder here. Tillid cast is a website that allow you to access a blank new remote browser. You can browse anonymously, with a different IP. By signin up, you will be able to browse, but also save your session for later, share your screen, and also clone your browser to share it to someone else. I am very curious to see what you are gonna do with it. This was build to solve the pain of people giving formation to SaaS tools, without having the pain the create an account for every person following the formation. But since, I am using for many different reasons.