Tiller Money

The only automatic sync of financial data into Google Sheets

Tiller Money is the only service that automatically imports your financial transactions into Google Sheets. Powerful, developer-designed Google Sheets templates to get you started. Human help if you get stuck. Spreadsheets are the most customizable tool for managing money, tracking spending, and building wealth.

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Hello Product Hunt! I'm Peter, the founder of Tiller. We created Tiller because we were frustrated with the apps and services that existed to help us track our spending and manage our money. We kept finding ourselves using our trusty spreadsheets for this task. When we talked with others, we found many of the most financially engaged people also relied on spreadsheets. Tiller makes it easier than ever to use a spreadsheet to track your money. We securely feed your data each day from your credit cards, checking accounts, mortgages, loans, and other accounts into your own Google Sheet. You can build your dashboard and track your money just the way you want. If you're not a Tiller customer, we'd love to have you give it a try. Either way, let us know you're thoughts below. And thanks to Jed, one of our customers, for sharing Tiller with Product Hunt!
@peter_polson I setup something similar with Zapier, but this is much nicer. :)
@estebanrules glad to hear it! if you build a tricked out sheet and want to share it with others using Tiller, let us know
I like the idea of using this for a backup system... What's the business model?
Thanks for joining the thread @chrismessina. We generate revenue from subscription fees. We want our users to be our customers, so we aren't selling banking services, offering ads, or otherwise using or sharing or selling our customer data. We're focused on helping our users, who are our customers, get a handle on their money and build the dashboards that help them monitor and track what's important.
@peter_polson You lost me there... I'd rather you include relevant ad content like Mint than charge me directly. People that want their own customizable finances spreadsheets, like me, are usually too frugal to sign up for monthly subscriptions beyond Netflix.
@grahamg4rdner I respect that, and Google Sheets are free to use without Tiller. For our team, this is also a decision to focus our innovation around our user experience rather than our monetization plan. We believe that our users and our company both win with this approach. I'm also confident we save our Tiller users much more than we charge. Try it for 30 days, and I bet you'll agree. Thanks for visiting our page here and sharing your thoughts!
@peter_polson @grahamg4rdner I second Graham's thoughts. It's a cool product and concept - congrats! But it isn't that much more value than exporting from Mint to Google Sheets, so I can't justify the subscription. As Graham said, if there's a way to generate the revenue you need through other means such as relevant ads, I would be using it.
Another product I'd like to use to monitor my spending, BUT still can't bear to look at my bank account. I say this a lot, maybe next year when I've got my shit together 🙄
@bentossell Ben, good to hear from you, and you're not alone! Try linking just your credit card you use most, not the rest of your accounts. If you start paying a bit more attention, you'll begin the journey. As we say at Tiller, most people spend their way (rather than earn their way) to financial independence.
This is amazing!
My wife likes the daily update confirming every financial transaction. She is no Techie and for her to keep using Tiller after the first couple of tries means it has to be good. Of course she also knows about all my spending which is also good.