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Please meet Tiller, a publisher-side platform for native and recommended content. Tiller is the industry’s first advertising platform for publishers who want to take control of their recommended and native ad placements across multiple content recommendation partners, and fight back against ad block. If you have friends who work in ad operations or digital publishing, PLEASE advocate our mission by sharing below. I’d be happy to walk any of you through our platform and answer any questions. Checkout https://tiller.com/story to learn more, and read our story. -Steve @stephengill @usetiller
@sgill @stephengill @usetiller Does this product facilitate ad injection?
A pretty interesting concept. There are lots of ad platforms that allow me to optimize CTR for ads right now, and while you are right there isn't anything that does it only for native ads I'm not sure I understand the advantage of that? My biggest problem with native ad networks is usually the quality. I don't want to optimize for CTR or earnings, I want to optimize for quality. Is Tiller able to optimize based on that, or do you have any plans too? (There are a lot of APIs that look at reading levels, reading quality or social approval of sites). I'd switch to a platform like that in a heartbeat - but if it's mainly clicks/CTR/earnings then I can just drop networks like Outbrain or Taboola into other ad optimizing tools.
@adamscochran All great questions. We built the platform to solve a number of problems for publishers, and enable them to make better data-driven decisions. Our customers care about a number of things but the top themes are revenue, user experience/ad quality, control, and data, reporting and ad block (+ fixing the underlying reasons causing users to install blockers). I would love to explain our product and roadmap in more detail, and where we're going with quality controls. Let's jump on a call, i'll PM you. I'm also available at sgill@tiller.com
@adamscochran Content recommendation networks aren't native advertising at all (they just call themselves that) but you're right, there are lots of tools that already do this but it looks like Tiller is a little more specific and already has integrations with how these widgets work.
@manigandham @adamscochran Mani - Great comments. In short native advertising is an ad that blends in, and doesn't really look like or feel like a traditional ad. ShareThrough has an excellent page dedicated to defining native advertising and the various forms here: http://www.sharethrough.com/nati... in 2013 the IAB produced a report on native, which also defined types of native ads: "The IAB's report classifies native ads into six broad product types: In-feed, like Facebook or Yahoo; search; promoted listings (Yelp, Amazon); recommended content (Outbrain, Tabula); custom (Hearst, BuzzFeed); and native ads inserted into standard ad positions." source: http://www.adweek.com/news/techn... The quality and "native-ness" of recommended content varies from provider to provider, however native is still a new and and evolving space. Happy to discuss the benefits of our product. Tiller started with a focus on recommended content, because that's where we identified the largest gap in the market, and also where our current customers received the most value. The market is new and there are so many opportunities. Our product already expands well outside of recommended content, and many of our customers already are using us for much more. Our vision for Tiller is much bigger, and as we continue to build out the product and roadmap you see our roots grow much deeper into native advertising and beyond. What other products would you consider alternatives in this category? I'd love to hear your thoughts.
@sgill @adamscochran The IAB definition is a good start but it's now outdated and doesn't adequately cover the space. Their latest In-Feed Native report offers a lot better insight into the native units available today. Our definition is that native is just a format with 3 main principles: look/feel, context and behavior. Most "native" companies only stop at the first superficial layer of look/feel which is nothing special and commoditized with the openRTB 2.3+ specification. Making sure to use actual content, match the context of the user and site, and mimic the behavior exactly is far harder - and this is what differentiates the typical content recommendation widgets, which are native at just a surface level, from real native advertising companies that can deliver a fully native execution.
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