Countdown to all those events you look forward to.

Till is the most beautiful way to visualize the days remaining until those special events.
- Create beautiful countdowns using your gallery photos or Unsplash photos
- Sync with you iCal
- Store your countdowns on iCloud
- Share on Instagram
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2 Reviews5.0/5
I have been looking for a countdown app for a really long time and your app is the closest thing I have found to the perfect app. It still has a couple bugs when I try to add a photo from Unsplash, either it will fill the entire screen with the photo, or sometimes it doesn't load at all. Also, please, could you add a simple widget?
@tomasilheu So glad you like it! Yes sure! I will totally work on it on the next couple of days c:
I crafted this product as a personal desire and now I am trying to get as much feedback as possible to make it better.
Do you have any email I can contact you for feedback?