Game about colours. Made with colours.

Tileshade is a game about colours that is made with colours. Enjoy the meditation-like relaxing experience while improving your ability to quickly find different shade colours.
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I have had a lot of joy while developing and designing this game. I really hope people can have some fun and relax while playing it.
Simple, yet very entertaining and fun game. Props for nice design. Really enjoyed it!
Please, the neuomorphic design has no accessibility. I had to tilt the mobile to see there was content there.
@michael_andreuzza Depends on the brightness and angles. But yeah there has been some warnings about accessibility. Thank you for your feedback!
I have tested your app, it is very nice. The chosen colors are soft, I really enjoyed the colored theme. My only little problem is that it took me some times to understand what the rule is, what I was suppose to do. But when I got it, I did not want to stop ! Also, the animals are really cute, but we have to click on them to understand what their role is. Anyway, I like your game, very relaxing, I will keep playing with it when I feel anxious or stressed. If you want to test a new task management tool, feel free to come on my page ! Wish you the best !
@pauline_chaa Thank you very much for the feedback! I appreciate it.
Design is very simple but alright. It was too hard to understand the concept of the game but when you do, sadly the idea is not very original. It could be a sufficient timepass for kids and young teens.