Tile Mate

A tiny bluetooth tracker. Never lose your things.

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Tile just announce their new bluetooth tracker, replacing the original, two year old Tile. It's only $25.
I wonder what the improvements are for this model. The original Tile doesn't do separation alerts. It won't beep when you move away from your tracked item like Trackr does. From the video, it's unclear if this new supports that now. Looks like it may still not. Hard to do separation alerts for something with a range of 100+ feet of course. Edit: According to this, it's 25% lighter and it had a keyring hole. I bought a Tile a few weeks back and it's already got a keyring hole though. They do say it's slimmer, which is great for people attaching this to a remote e.g., who want to add less thickness and not have to go for their Tile Slim.
I'll be honest, I bought the original Tile a few years ago and was thoroughly unimpressed. Going to take a bit more than a slimmer design and louder ringtone.
Not big different. New look, smaller size and more ringtones. https://support.thetileapp.com/h...-
Darn, the battery still isn't user replaceable/rechargeable, and the logo, while smaller, is actually a lot more noticeable/obnoxious now. Anyone know of a particularly good alternative without those flaws?
@captainwonkish agreed. Super annoying.
@captainwonkish I got this product as a bonus gift during my Birchbox subscription - https://www.xyfindit.com/ ...It's not bad....I have had mine for a while...They have a new version out. Might want to check it out as a viable replacement for the tile.