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#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 02, 2016


  • Pros: 

    It's beautiful and easy


    I hate the limit to 5 cites per one account

    One of the greatest landing page constructors I ever seen!

    And I loooove your blog!

    Alexey Konovalov has used this product for one year.


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Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
Hi everyone, I'm Nikita Obukhov, the creator of Tilda Publishing. Tilda helps you build websites for business and media. With Tilda you can create long forms and articles, as well as landing pages, websites, photo stories, blogs and all other kinds of content oriented web projects. The key point that makes Tilda Publishing to stand out among other instruments for website building is a super easy to use module editor. Tilda is fascinating like Lego game! All you need to create a high-quality website is good content. Another important feature is flexibility. The project made on Tilda can be published on our server, or exported to your hosting. You can also host your content on Tilda while using your own domain. The page you've created on Tilda can be integrated in your website. In this case, header and footer are located from your site, while the page content is taken from Tilda. I'd love to hear your feedback. Thanks! By the way, ProductHunters — get your 1 month of Personal account for free with this code — TILDALOVEPRODUCTHUNT. http://tilda.cc/?lang=en&ref...
Mike MelaninHiring@mike_melanin · Co-founder @ Statsbot.co
@obukhov_nikita Hey bro! Great to see you here! Have been using Tilda for a long time. Recommend to everyone!
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
@mike_melanin hey, Mike! Thank you :) Love your Statbot, btw!
Sam Doshi@samir_doshi · Co Founder @ Relayo.com
@obukhov_nikita great stuff - already see some themes that I like
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
@samir_doshi happy to hear that! Let me know if you will have any ideas of what to add ;)
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Co-Founder, Token Daily
@obukhov_nikita Hey! More and more sites are offering this type of product. What makes Tilda superior? I'm excited when sites like The Grid come out, that could be a game-changer - although its in hiding since forever. What does the future look like for Tilda? What will you be experimenting with?
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
Btw, this landing page for @ProductHunt App was built on Tilda in 30 minutes http://producthunt.tilda.ws/ ;)
Jim Canto@jimcanto · Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@obukhov_nikita @producthunt .. Nikita, may I ask; Does Tilda allow for embedding of third-party widget script, such as that from Knack.com or RebelMouse.com? If so, how well does it handle those widgets? Please and thank you.
Vitali Bondar@vitalikmp · Author, podcaster
@obukhov_nikita, it’s really great to see you at PH. Tilda is a great service; I’m following your product’s development and achievements for a long time now. Also I want to thank you for excellent informational and educational resource http://tilda.education/. I want to draw your attention to the following page - http://tilda.cc/inspire/. Among other Tilda-created projects is a link to the project INA "ROSSIYA SEGODNYA" ("Russia Today") named "Crimean crisis". This is not only amazing example of Tilda’s capabilities but Russian propaganda to justify part of Ukrainian territory’s illegal armed annexation. Let me recall that Crimea annexation was criticized by all civilized world and so-called referendum at the gun points was not recognized by UN. Of course, Tilda is an instrument and you do not responsible for the content created with it. But you are responsible for the content posted at http://tilda.cc/inspire/. To be honest with you at first thought its sounds like you are supporting this armed seizure of the neighbor democratic country’s part. This is unfortunate misunderstanding, isn’t it?
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
@vitalikmp Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. We are trying to stay away from any political discussions. Thanks to your point of view, now we see how this part can be interpret. So we removed it from http://tilda.cc/inspire/ Thanks again, for your support and help!
Violeta Nedkova@violetanedkova · Creative Rebel Coach
I REALLY wanted to hunt this. *sigh* So basically, I love how simple it is and that you have a good choice of templates. You can add more elements and remove existing ones on the page. My favorite thing, however, might be the pricing because it's pretty neat for such a useful tool. :)
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
@violetanedkova Violeta, thanks a bunch!
Yann Bertrand@_yannbertrand · Pokémon Master
Good job with Product Hunt personalized homepage :)
Nikita ObukhovMaker@obukhov_nikita · Tilda Publishing
@_yannbertrand Thanks bro! :) Have you already used your promo code?