Create beautiful interactive timelines that you can share

Tiki-Toki is an online timeline maker for making beautiful time-based presentations. Features a unique 3d view

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Hey all. Thanks Nichole for posting our app on Product Hunt and thanks everyone else for taking a look at Tiki-Toki. I founded Tiki-Toki about five years ago. Since then, it has grown to be perhaps the leading web-based timeline software, with 500,000 plus users. We certainly weren't the first online timeline creator - cool services such as Timeglider.com and Dipity.com preceeded us - but I think our focus on design and using HTML5 rather than Flash have given us an edge. More recently, our 3D timeline technology has proved popular. Why did I create Tiki-Toki? I would like to say that I carefully researched the market to find a great opportunity but the truth is I built Tiki-Toki because (1) I like building things and (2) I hate having a boss. Bosses make me sweaty and feel ill at ease, and anyway when you are my age - early forties - the only people you are happy to have order you around are your mum and you wife. Tiki-Toki has allowed me to escape being an employee and allowed me to build stuff, and that is all I really want. I am more than happy to answer any questions.
@alexkearns This was an excellent explanation!
Looking for such a thing lately, right time huningt Nichole
@farbodsaraf In that case, also check out Visage 2.0.
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