Burner for the Snapchat generation



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Harris Karim
Harris KarimMaker@hk_chic · Co-Founder of Tiki
Excellent feedback Ryan. We need to convey to users the purpose of the product with as much clarity as possible - either during the on-boarding process by showing a collection of screens to illustrate the various use cases described by James or with our branding of the product. We will take this away as food for thought as we continue our journey. Regarding your second comment, in our opinion, the Snapchat generation, or Millenials if we will stretch the definition to this community, is the demographic where noncommittal transient connections occur most often - such as the exchange of usernames within Snapchat. By developing a platform where they can exchange information easily with no investment in the case of divulging personal details - then the use cases are multiplied and varied. For example, a girl meets a guy at a concert - by lubricating the social connection with a quick scan of a tiki that both will find memorable (Tiki of IMAGINE DRAGONS) rather than the awkward question of ‘Can I have your number?' - they are more likely to start engaging in a chat with one another. This makes the chats mostly disposable, and Tiki becomes a ‘limbo’, a space where each user feels each other out on whether they feel they are ‘safe’ enough to move onto permanent networks such as Whatsapp and Facebook, and the various risks that this entails. See the research conducted by Intercede: "70% [of Millenials] believe risk to their online privacy will increase as we become more digitally connected" and also “Millennials understand their personal information is a form of currency they need to part with to access online services. Yet they participate in this ‘digital trade-off’ in the belief that more can be done to protect their privacy. Millennials want more control over who should be able to access their information”. Supports the claim that by using Tiki, ‘more’ is done and this digital trade-off is carried out within our platform before moving on to less controlled forms of communication. Also, by including the novelty element, where there is an expiry on the conversation (the snapchat element of transient photos), then we would hope to observe an increase in the number of connections made across an open ecosystem where there is not a high level of implied trust among the two users. See larger cities where there is a concentrated number of people from a diverse background such as London, is where we will likely see the most engagement. Overall, you are right - we need to clarify the use cases so it is as clear as can be.
Nikita Korotaev
Nikita KorotaevHunter@nikitakorotaev · Incubating products @ Glocal Partners
Tiki is an anonymous​ chat with a beautiful design. Check out the onboarding, it's quite nice. @jshrager what are the use cases when you would use Tiki?
James Shrager
James ShragerMaker@jshrager · iOS Developer
Hi @nikitakorotaev. Thank you very much for the submission! Tiki has been a work in progress for many months and is a great passion of the team. We love making new connections online and offline but were frustrated by not having control with our privacy, anonymity and personal information. If you wish to connect with anyone, we have to sacrifice our details even if the communication is casual or temporary. Whether meeting someone in a bar, travelling, classified listings or engaging with a brand. With Tiki we want to provide a platform that offers control with communication - connect easily and instantly without personal information, maintaining anonymity and safety at all times. We would love Tiki to be place where you can connect comfortably, and share more when you wish to. For our users we want the experience of meeting new people in clubs, on social media, Craiglist to be easy and safe. For brands we want to provide a dynamic way to engage with potential customers organically before winning them over. Simply create a custom Tiki Code, share via QR to enter into an anonymous chat. Then share more at a tap of a button. We have detailed our story and vision for Tiki at https://medium.com/@HK_Chic/we-n.... @hk_chic, @rahmanjetha and I would love to take your questions all day about our product :)
Nikita Halavins
Nikita Halavins@stealthychat · CEO, SecretMessenger.co
@nikitakorotaev you are becoming an expert in anonymous apps! Lol :)
Ryan McLeod
Ryan McLeod@warpling · ⬛️📲 WhatIsBlackbox.com
The look and feel is fantastic—excellent job. That said, without your answer to Nikita's question I wouldn't understand the purpose of the product (even after downloading and confirming my phone number). I also have trust issues giving my number to an app that promises me privacy and anonymity, especially when there's little explanation for why it's needed. I guess the user inviting me might explain Tiki to me, but why not make it abundantly clear? What do you see as the expected Tiki use cases for "the Snapchat generation"?
Henry Johnson
Henry Johnson@talktohenryj · Zerto
Sounds like a great idea. I see teenagers loving the idea. The challenge is spreading it. No reason to give someone who already has your number your Tiki and you need critical mass for an app like this to work. Im not sure how you get there but I see that as the challenge. It is only so often someone is asking or getting asked for their number by someone who they feel they would need to put in a limbo of sorts. Companies on the other hand, I could see people wanting to interact with companies anonymously.
Rahman Jetha
Rahman JethaMaker@rahmanjetha · Co-founder of Tiki
@talktohenryj Thanks for your feedback and for the positive comments. I think you raise some great points - acquiring a mass of users for this sort of shift is an obvious challenge. Additionally it is evident users are currently limited when connecting given we are in very early growth and they are unlikely to engage with new Tiki connections away from the platform. In the short term, we hope to address this with marketing strategies focused on localised ecosystems to help kick start these interactions for our core audience. At present, Tiki acts as a conduit but we are looking to implement interesting discovery features which could cultivate new connections within the platform. We hope to gain more feedback in beta and address these within our forthcoming releases - so appreciate the kind thoughts. As for the brand approach, we feel there are benefits for both users and brands to use Tiki for engaging with one another. For brands, Tiki's great time and people limit features can facilitate a number of dynamic temporary experiences that will promote exclusivity, and personal engagement organically. The ease of creation of these experiences and potential easy accessibility and management will bode well for companies as well as promoting a customer acquisition strategy that is fair. For users (with the support of brands), Tiki can offer a fun, instant, private and less intrusive gateway to brand experiences rather than the current approach of sacrificing your data and potentially your privacy. We want Tiki to be opt in. In both cases we envision Tiki as what we like to call 'try before you buy for people and businesses' and hope to get there with time :) We appreciate the useful feedback for the early stages of our journey and look forward to updating you.
The design is great.