Tiiny 2.0

Share tiny photos and videos with your friends. New features

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We’ve added a bunch of new features in this release. — Tiiny posts stay around until you delete them — You can now reply to friends and followers with video — Profiles give you the ability to see all your friends posts in a single place — Tons of performance enhancements
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@kevinrose What was the thinking behind keeping the Tiiny posts forever instead of the 24hour wipe?
@kevinrose Kevin, Tiiny 1 was awesome - I'm sure this one will be even better - I think a great feature add for the future would be 'expression of the day'. Where everyone does a certain expression for that day apart from their usual tiiny experience. Expressions are endless and fun, and I think tiiny's multi-video UI could allow people to see how they all do the same reactions - thoughts?
@kevinrose I think these are much need features. Good job dude.
@kevinrose Looks great Kevin! Wish the best for Tiiny. Your user experience is definitely unique but it'll be hard to compete in a crowded space with Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, etc. Have you thought about ways to promote this app? Maybe you could reach out to an internet-famous YouTuber and have them doing something creative with it and hope the video goes viral.
@sterlingtoth @kevinrose Kevin explains this in the Meet Tiiny 2.0 video on their homepage (http://youtu.be/vLHRSB8HnGU?t=37s) saying: "In the first version we experimented with just throwing everything away after 24 hours. We got a lot of feedback from users saying 'hey I just shot something really amazing, now I'm going to miss out on that forever. so like, how can I keep that around?' so we decided from this point forward to allow you to keep your posts forever."
love these updates - I've noticed more and more people in my feed, exciting to see the momentum.
Looking good!
sounds interesting, will definitely check it out!