Tight — Simplified Slack

A Chrome extension that simplifies the Slack interface

Tight is a Chrome extension that increases readability, removes many redundant/useless buttons, improves the page layout and modernizes the overall style of Slack.

It's open source — suggestions and pull requests are highly encouraged!

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Would have used this If I hadn't come across this on HN just Yesterday http://infozonic.com/2018/08/29/...
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@techsushant Tight is simple a CSS style sheet [1] that doesn't modify, overwrite or reverse engineer any of Slacks client or server code. It simply improves how the interface looks to only the user who has the extension installed. In their email to BetterSlack, Slack mentions the use of "Slack" in the name and that they were using JavaScript and the Slack API to modify it's behavior. Tight doesn't do either of these things. Further, Refined GitHub [2] and Refined Twitter [3] are both very similar to Tight/BetterSlack and have been around with vibrant communities for quite a while now. If you haven't tried either, I would highly suggest you do. I'm hopeful that Slack looks up to their peers at GitHub, who have used Refined GitHub as an opportunity to work with the community [4] of the open internet to help improve their product based on feedback from users who cared enough to spend their own time trying to help improve the experience of using GitHub for everyone ❤️. [1] https://github.com/RileyTomasek/... [2] https://github.com/sindresorhus/... [3] https://github.com/sindresorhus/... [4] https://github.com/sindresorhus/...
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Hi, thanks for this nice extension. 2 concerns from me: 1. I didn't find "attach" button 2. when opening a thread inside a channel it uses the width of channel, so you get 2 narrow parts: one with channel, one with thread. though there's unused space to the right. maybe this could be improved. A dark theme would be great as well :)
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@nick3336999 Thanks for the feedback! I've opened an issue on GitHub so that the community can work to get this fixed https://github.com/RileyTomasek/....
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Love the name. It's tight.
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Please feel free to suggest improvements either here or on GitHub! https://github.com/RileyTomasek/...
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I like the minimalist style you've achieved.