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Netflix for recruitment.

TieTalent is an innovative platform instantly connecting companies to the selection of the best-vetted tech-talents matching their hiring needs. Candidates are selected through a unique mix between Artificial Intelligence and the Human Intelligence.

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Your tagline "netflix for recruitment" sounds a bit confusing. Why did you choose that one for describing your project?
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@kay_larina Hi Ksenia! Our tagline is dedicated towards the companies recruiting on TieTalent. What we provide them is with a netflix-like approach where according to their behavior on the platform, we have an algorithm that analyzes the profiles they like/need and we continuously will propose them with similar profiles (like Netflix proposes you series/movies according to your preferences).
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@emiliesince huh, that actually sounds interesting! as a content marketer, I'd say you might want to revise your copy and sharpen the focus of your messages. Play around your tagline (or pitch). At the moment, everything on your landing page screams "tinder for recruitment" and you're missing out on the AI recommendations thingy you describe as your main advantage and distinctive feature.
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@kay_larina many thanks for your constructive feedbaks :) your' right ! We use Netflix to describe our model to the company and we often use the "Tinder example" to explain it to the candidates :)
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I'd like to hear about the next steps for TieTalent, and where you see yourself in 5 years.
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@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline ! Our next step is to keep match candidates with jobs they love and keep helping companies to find the best tech-talents for their team and within 5 years we plan to expand across Europe.
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How does this differ from linkedin?
@jonasalmut Linkedin is a job board, so how we differentiate is that once a company has a need instead of matching them with thousands of different profiles, we instead match them with a selection of the best-vetted candidates that match their exact need. Our selection is made both thanks to the matching algorithm & the human expertise (professionals from the field).
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