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TierMaker allows you to create a tier list maker template for anything in seconds. Just upload images and add a title.
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Tier Lists are primarily known for ranking characters in fighting games like Super Smash Bros. or Street Fighter. Now, you can use a tier list to rank anything. It can be really hard to rank your favorite movies of all time 1 through 10, but it's a lot easier to group them in similar categorical tiers. Users create a tier list template by uploading a set of images. Once a template is made, there are unlimited different ways to rank those items. When you see a template for Game of Thrones characters, you could rank them for your personal favorites, who the smartest character is, who you think will end up alive or dead or any other random idea. After launching in December, the site has taken off on Twitter and YouTube, generating hundreds of millions of views. We've been featured on some huge YouTube channels (iDubbbzTV, FBE, TheReportOfTheWeek and more) and content creators love how easy it is to create engaging content to share on social media. Our audience is a mix of people who love video games, sports, movies, anime, food, cartoons, music or anything else. Whatever you enjoy, you can create a tier list and share it with others who enjoy the same thing and it is guaranteed they will let you know your opinions are wrong and make a list of their own to show you the correct rankings.
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@textras We have thought about it. How would you imagine it being used?
Looks like this is getting some traction, @anthonydnelson. The site is currently down. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I'm curious where most people are sharing these from: YouTube, Insta, Snapchat, etc.
@rrhoover Hi Ryan. We've had a lot of traction so far. We launched around December of 2018 and have had 1.5 million sessions in May already. Steady โ†—๏ธ each month. About 80k registered users. Traffic is about 50% organic, 35% social with that being primarily YT/Twitter. Organic traffic is heavily influenced by Social visibility. With this rapid growth, we have had some stability issues. Today is one of those days. Hoping to be back up and running soon.
@anthonydnelson nice! I noticed an increase in traffic to this post via Google which is why I asked. :)
@rrhoover Makes sense. A lot of people turn to Google to find the Tier Maker after seeing a list on Twitter or YouTube. The site is back up, BTW.