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Hi everyone! I'm one of Tiempo's Co-Founders. Looking forward to any feedback and questions from the PH Community!
Hey, @tadmilbourn! I like the clean design but how do you see this compare with other time-tracking apps? The space is super crowded (you'll find several with a quick search on Product Hunt).
Thanks @rrhoover! We're shooting for a simple, straightforward aesthetic. That alone puts us on a tier with other great time tracking apps like Timely and Toggl (which have both been on Product Hunt). Beyond design, deep integrations with cloud-based accounting systems (QuickBooks Online is our first, but more to come). Most other time tracking solutions, if they integrate, do it as a one-way push. We think that these things should work more like Dropbox. When you add a new customer in your time tracking, it should show up in your accounting (and vice versa). We’ve got invoicing concepts in beta that hold promise of getting businesses paid faster. Oh, and unlimited users and projects for free. :-)
@tadmilbourn I like unlimited and free. :) How do you make money then? Do you take a cut of the transaction?
@rrhoover me too! And, it looks like you've caught onto our master plan! We're trying to align where we capture value to where our customers capture value. For time tracking, that's when hours turn into payments. We're also charging for integrations. And, possibly advanced features down the line. As with any early stage startup, many of the details remain to be figured out.
Love this! It helps workers appreciate their effort (vs just track time) and others acknowledge them for their work. (Daniel Pink style) If everyone used this to track time, we may all be more motivated and happy. Thumbs up @tadmilbourn
@bermster Thanks Kristen! Tracking time is generally looked at as a chore. But, it represents the great work that people are doing (that new site you designed, the speech that got the company a new client, a code change that causes a 10x improvement). It needs to celebrated and recognized!
This team is extraordinary. Having worked on time tracking for SMBs in my past life I am thrilled to see @tadmilbourn and co making life easier for their customers every day.
@leepnet Thanks Tommy! We'll do our best to keep saving SMBs time, money, and maybe even a little sanity.