A task management iOS app for roommates and couples

For the busy roommates & couples managing life’s daily tasks, Tidycave is an iOS App that fosters camaraderie & collaboration at home because it’s simple, mobile, & social

• Create unique ‘Caves’ for all your busy groups

• Customize, add, & assign tasks to your roommates

• Stay organized & informed via task reminders, calendar, & live social feed

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I honestly don't see the point in this attempting to target housemates and couples if it functions just like any other basic task management app that allows you to invite collaborators and a activity feed..
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@mykro there have been a lot lately so I agree partially. It’s for non tech people who are not familiar with project management or task management tools I’d guess.
@_nathanieldavis @mykro Exactly guys! Often times, task management software caters to the work environment. However, I find that people at home also need a way to manage tasks (e.g. roommates, couples, family, etc.). Please let me know how I can improve the tech. Thank you for your feedback!
@mykro I agree. My wife and I are both on iOS so we just use a shared List on the stock Reminders app. Syncs with iCloud. Can set due times, notes and even set location reminders so if you're leaving or arriving somewhere it'll alert you. E.g. Alert when within 5 km of the dry cleaners, pickup my wedding suit!
Where I think this would be interesting is if you integrated it with bill paying and grocery shopping. Look at an app called Acasa in the U.K. The value add here I believe should be really strong. I certainly think that the house mate market is interesting.
@ramy_alkadhi Absolutely, that could definitely be something for the near future. Indeed, the housemate market is definitely growing. Thanks for the note!