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Hi Product Hunters, We just launched a smart resume–portfolio service built on the concept of moments. We’re building towards a platform that shapes professional identities towards a culture that values skill and talent. 🌟You can skip the invite process & we'll even throw in 6 months of free premium after we fully launch to sweeten the deal – https://tidl.es/ph ONE-CLICK SETUPS: via Twitter: https://tidl.es/login/twitter via Facebook: https://tidl.es/login/facebook Here's my profile for reference: https://tidl.es/udara Tidl for companies & startup: https://tidl.es/companies First 100 members: https://medium.com/tidl/welcomin... Thoughts & suggestions appreciated!
@ujzeee Nice site and idea. I've setup an initial profile and in the process of tweaking my CV so will add more in the next few days. I had a few little thoughts, but my biggest would be that the Zap like icon, to my mind, suggests a punishment rather than an endorsement - could be those years I spent in Pavlov experiments ;-) Otherwise, good luck with your launch and product hunt.
@stephenvoisey Glad you like it! Ha! Will consider tweaking it a bit to look more friendly! Thanks!
@ujzeee is it possible to make profile private or even delete it?
@danvass Adding a delete feature soon. If you want one deleted email udara@tidl.es from the email used to create the account :)
Really nicely done. I tried it out (here's me: https://tidl.es/mscccc). From developer perspective. I'd suggest allowing "moments" to be configurable. I'd personally rather it say "projects". Also would be great if a moment could link to GitHub. I'm a little confused about the purpose of the "Impressed?" button. Could you explain that a little more?
@mscccc Hi! Thanks for trying it out! We're definitely working on making moments more versatile. The impressed button was meant to act as a "recommendation" of sorts, we're hoping to merge it with a comments/feedback system so that they hold more value.
https://tidl.es/galeriks Looks clear and simple. I couldn't find how to follow back @ujzeee :) Waiting for some new features to try.
@galeriks Thanks for trying it out! Will be adding a follow button and many more feature to profiles soon :)
Looks like a cool product off to a great start! One small typo on the PH page: "Tidl defines itself by nurtuing a culture & framework for success." Also, for the image attachments on hover, I think an "eye" icon would be better than a paperclip, it felt like I was going to attach something on click.
@jmsuth Thanks very much Jon! – We're hoping to build a product & culture that would hopefully benefit a lot of people! Changing the hover icon to an eye is definitely a good idea! (in fact I just made that change and pushed it to our servers). (also thanks for spotting the typo ~ everyone here completely missed it!)
@_sagarshah Give it a shot if you may and let us know what you think! :)