Tide Pod Condoms

Unofficial, inedible condoms that look like Tide Pods πŸ‘€

Tide Pod Condoms are unofficial, inedible condoms that look like Tide Pods. 2018 is weird.

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1980: "I bet there will be flying cars in the future" 2018: [...]
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I mean, why not? 2018 is already damn weird. πŸ€” PSA: These are inedible. Do not eat them (or Tide Pods). You will go to the hospital.
@nickabouzeid Thank you, you just made my day.
How have we not reached the very rock bottom, tell me? Like why is this a thing? Why am I alive during this time? Why am I being exposed to this?
Sounds about right And we're just in the first month too...
When will somebody finally make an edible Tide candy?
@berman I'm pretty sure that already exists. So do Tide pod donuts