An app that provides tidal info based on your geo-location

Tide.is provides simple tidal information based on your geo-location.

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m stoked to announce and show you v2 of our app, Tide.is. This version should now cover the whole world, which our v1 didn’t – so we held back the launch announcement. What started out as a dinner conversion on 29 December 2014 with my good surfing bud, Fernando, has turned into an app we use everyday. How cool is that? "Another Tide App"? Yes, there are a zillion tide apps and websites out there. We were both frustrated with how we need to mission all over surf apps and websites to just find the tide for today. We wanted to create an app website that you simply visit from anywhere in the world and it will tell you the tides today based on your location. The app isn’t for everyone. It isn’t going to show you the surf report. You can’t even see the tides tomorrow. It purely shows you tides today, with times and heights. Nothing more. Tides. Today. So hop off the plane in Bali in the morning – open Tide.is and it will tell you the tides for that day for the nearest tidal point. Arrive back in Cape Town, your tides change – no clicking, scrolling or search. Just visit Tide.is from your mobile phone or computer. I'd really love your feedback - please send as much as you can. I've blogged about the tech behind the app and what to look forward to in v3: http://hitdelete.com/blog/introd... Cheers, Rob
@hitdelete * Really Sad Admission * - When I read Tidal, I thought of the Jay Z music service...then I realized you meant literal tides. Congrats on the launch
@msitver haha sorry to disappoint Michael ;) (and thanks!)
Great job from a fellow South African, @hitdelete :-) Loving the font, colours and ease of use. Have you considered a pair of native mobile apps?
@ricknout thanks Nick! Yeah, we have native mobile apps considered for v3 or v4 of the app. Just keeping it super light for now:)
Quick update: I'll be blogged about the magic behind the algorithm next week but to answer your tweets, everything will be Open Source, here are the GIT links so long: https://github.com/thenano/tide.api https://github.com/robhope/tide.is
I'm still waiting for someone to make a surf rating complication for my Apple watch using MSW data.
@theleovogel Hey Leo! We've got Apple Watch on our Product Roadmap, it's a perfect fit tbh. For now we need perfect the algorithm and gather as much feedback as possible:) Let me know if you see a good MSW integration with Apple Watch, would be good to see the Tide UI.
Dig it - simple and easy. I've use surfline for this but that's so cluttered and crashes half the time. The only thing I'd want to see along with this would be a sunset & sunrise time. Maybe for v3?