Smart business current accounts

Tide provides small business with smart business current accounts.
With Tide you have the ability to manage your cards from within the app, access your accounts on the web, set-and-forget your auto-categories and integrate with your accountancy software.
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Hey! Thanks for the hunt. Super excited to be able to give you more information about Tide and the service we provide. We are constantly releasing new features to help you make the most out of your account. We know that creating a new business is not always easy so want to be here to help you with all your account needs.
Feel free to correct me, but, Tide is, technically, just a glorified Mastercard account, right? What I mean by this, for example, I cannot pay in a cheque, or apply for a loan etc like a regular bank account? You pay cash in, digitally and use your card to buy stuff, like a regular debit card only.
@pointandstare Hi Lee! Tide provide business current accounts. Whilst you can't pay in cheques you are able to apply for credit in app. You're also able to link your Tide account to your accountancy software, access multiple business accounts from one app and provide your team with read only access to the account along with many more features. Trusted by over 100,000 SME's we believe we are so much more than just a Mastercard account. Alice