Tictail for mobile

Start your e-commerce store, on your phone

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Hey there Product Hunt! I'm super excited to share Tictail for mobile with you guys first! With Tictail Mobile we're becoming the first e-commerce platform that let's you start an online store directly from your phone! So if you've ever thought about starting your own business.. Well, now might be the time to give it a go ;). It's super easy, trust me. You'll be up and running within minutes! I'll be around to answer questions, would love to hear your feedback!
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@postcarl Looks amazing! Just a quick note, your website's in English but the Download on App Store call to action leads to the Swedish app store I think...! Also noticed the app is available in many languages but not your website, would love to work with you on localizing it, we're actually featured on ProductHunt today :)
@laurent_sabbah Thanks for pointing that out! We fixed the link now. Will definitely check out Bablic now - internationalization is a huge focus for us this year and we're currently working on making the website local!
@postcarl Awesome, congrats!
I really love this product. Giving people the tools to create their own online shops is already huge on desktop - I think allowing people to do this on their phones is the next logical step! Are you planning to add support for desktop store editing at some point? Or do you find the smartphone interface enough to routinely manage all aspects of these stores?
@yoavanaki Thanks Yoav! And we couldn't agree more. We actually already have support for desktop store editing. You can check it out on Tictail.com
Voted. This is well done.
really impressive
@hueypriest Thanks man, that means a lot
Look awesome. Incredibly simple setup. Nice work. Any plans/ways to add subscription based products? Or Stripe integration?
@alexputici Thanks Alex! All the credits goes to the team. We have Stripe on the web already and it will be introduced for mobile shortly. Subscription based products would be awesome!