TickTick 5.0

TickTick now with a habit tracker built in

TickTick 5.0 added a brand new habit tracker for all users.
You can enable it in the Tab Bar settings and start building some good habits with TickTick, meditation, exercise or reading etc.
It tracks your life goals in a more precise and scientific way.
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11 Reviews5.0/5
TickTick 5.0 now brings you a built-in habit tracker as a very new beginning. Stick with a habit for good, one simple and effective thing, track your life goals in a more precise and scientific way. We will evaluate all the feedback carefully and continue improving it in the future.
Great to see habits be given importance. I would have loved to have seen these be tied to particular lists though, rather than completely separate. Is this making its way to the mac/web too? Thanks.
Thanks for your feedback. The habit for mac/web is in our plan. But no plan yet to tied to the list, will note it down as a feature request.
@ilooch I use the free version, and it's great! But as a student, it is difficult to simply subscribe to the monthly or yearly plan. Please offer a discounted price for students. Thank you for the great app!
@reyesdanny10 Thanks for the support, Danny! Unfortunately, we can't provide any student discount at the moment. We will evaluate this idea with the team and see if we could come up with some offers for students in the future.
Can we see our plans on the actual Apple Calendar ?
@andre_daste Yes Andre, you can subscribe the task in the calendar, please check it here: https://support.ticktick.com/hc/...
@ilooch I like the new feature and would love to use it, but looks like it is mobile only at the moment. Any plans to bring it to the desktop clients?
@abogawat Yes, we do have the plan, will bring it to desktop later.