For support agents, Ticksy is a breath of fresh air and a breeze to use.

But more importantly, it’s an absolute joy for your customers.

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Looks nice - what are the key benefits vs. Helpscout? It's not obvious to me from the site. Is it tablet/phone tools for support staff?
@tf808 Thanks Tina! I actually was using HelpScout before I rebuilt Ticksy. HelpScout is a bit more expensive to use ($15/support rep), and if you want to add on their Docs feature (which is awesome, btw), you'll be paying another $20-$30 per month (I forget the exact pricing). Ticksy includes this documentation/articles feature among a few other neat things like comment "likes" for instant customer feedback, branding customizations and more... Ticksy allows you to essentially build yourself a nice support site that looks and feels like a real web presence for your support team (ex: You can customize the logo, banner image/text, change the colors, add featured articles, etc. The bottom line though, is that we're not trying to be the support system with every feature possible. We try to keep things simple and clean. It's not for everyone, but it works REALLY well for those that like a clean, minimal support system.
@tf808 @justinscheetz Hi..I am sorry to comment here. I have been using Ticksy for a few months, now I want to upgrade and I don't find a way. It's a shame! Please direct me to how to upgrade.
@md_shahadat_hussain I sold Ticksy a few years ago, but you can contact them from here:
Visitors from Product Hunt get a 50% discount for life. ;) EDIT: The 50% discount promotion is no longer available. Thanks to everyone that signed up early enough to get it! :)
Looks simple, and I like that pricing structure that you offer all features in all plans with the only variable being the number of agents. How do you plan to make space where a large pie is with Zendesk,, grooviq, or possibly FreshDesk as well? Tickets, articles, custom branding, customers, agents are in every such service, how you differentiate yourself?
@vingar I agree, it's a huge pie to share! Quick backstory... In its original incarnation, Ticksy was developed because there just wasn't anything out there (6-7 years ago) that was very affordable or well designed. At that time, most systems were either difficult to use, bloated with features, or just not well designed. Back to now... What Ticksy is today is a reimagining of that original concept. Keeping things simple and affordable with a lot more focus on the customer's experience. The easier it is for the customer, the easier it is for the support agent. So if I had to pick one phrase to describe Ticksy in its entirety, I'd call it "enjoyable customer support". Ticksy is fun to use! We have a simple "like" button on every support rep's comment that the customers can click to give a quick "thumbs up". Every time I see that a customer "liked" my response, it gives me motivation. I would love to expand Ticksy further as a motivational tool to include fun things like badges, "Support Rep of the Month", etc. That felt a bit long winded—I hope I answered your question! :)
@justinscheetz I got it. I think the 'knowledgebase platform' can be an important pull as many organizations plan to setup their KB in the helpdesk itself. If you can provide more flexibility in how teams can setup their KB in Ticksy (snippets for reuse, custom theme for basic branding, collaborative authoring with roles), that would be icing on the cake. See my post for more details here:
@vingar Brilliant, thanks for sharing that!
The integration with Envato is awesome ! ! !
Thanks Adi! :)