When your pets will have a better instagram than you do!

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Tickkle is a photo sharing application for pets with all new interactions including voice interactions and concept of tickkling a photograph. Feel free to explore and your feedbacks are welcomed :) Follow us at @tickkleapp
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Ross Currie
Founder, Brutal TearDowns
@vijay_rohan I have 80-odd followers on IG, and my dog has almost 4,000 (account started this month), so I meet your tagline perfectly. Few things: 1) I'm iOS, so can't use this 2) The description in GooglePlay doesn't really match your comment here. From the appstore description, it's not clear to me whether you're going to help feed, train or share photos for my pet? Sounds like I can even buy pets? 3) Is the Tickkle social network side a completely new social network for pets? Or does it integrate with Instagram somehow?
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@rossdcurrie Hello Ross. Thanks for your message. 1. We are still working on the iOS versions. Sorry for that :) 2. So what we have launched today is a smaller part of a bigger pet ecosystem we are targeting. For now I will change the description. Thanks for pointing it out. 3. Yes. We are trying to build a separate social network. It has no connection with Instagram. Let me now if you have any other queries!
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
To be honest, I'm confused by the app's description in Google Play. The dog photo and tagline throw me off. Is this for pets?
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@rrhoover yes Ryan. This is for pets and pets only.
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