Instant audio feedback for typing. Available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. Free and open source.

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Amazing! I really miss my mechanical keyboard and this makes me feel a little less nostalgic!
Please make an online version.
@keenan_milligan What do you mean about the online version? This app gives instant audio feedback when typing on every applications, not only inside a website on the browser.
@hoducha Sorry, like a online text editor with the sound.
@keenan_milligan Ah yes, so that is not the purpose of this application.
@keenan_milligan try Tools > Enable Typewriter sounds 💙
@mariushop Wow! Thank you :) Bookmarked
Please add fart sounds. I have a list of people I want to prank with this.
@tsoulichakib haha, that would be fun. I will play with it when I have time.
@tsoulichakib Here you are: download the following files to the /Applications/, unzip the then restart the Tickeys app and you will have the fart sounds option. Have fun!
Could see this making typing work notes more interesting, addictive even
This is gonna make an awesome prank.