Buy tickets for public transport with your smartphone

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so why this over using the trainline app or similar?
@bentossell hi Ben, I believe their advantage the usage of iBeacon :) I hope one of the makers (@dimiter_dimitrov) will appear here and will answer this question one.
@bentossell TICKEY is Pay As You Go versus prepaid Trainline. Also TICKEY allows you to use any kind of urban mobility - bike and car sharing, public parking, public transport - buses, trams, suburban trains, ferryboats with just one app. We use iBeacons for check-in/check-out, so you pay only is you use service and on top of this we guarantee always the best price.
TICKEY is a mobile ticketing app for Android and iPhone that allows you to pay fares for public transport – buses, trams, trolleys, metro/underground in your town. Your phone recognizes the bus once you enter it and checks if you have ticket. With one click you pay the fare and enjoy the ride. TICKEY saves you time and gives you the possibility to rate the ride, driver or conductor. It gives huge amount of data about the customers and the rides to the municipalities and public transport authorities and is free to integrate. They can also send news to the passengers(changed line or something else). We have to buy the tickets from the transport authorities with commission and sell them to the customers at the real price. TICKEY is eco friendly, new technology, convenient, zero integration cost and it connects the passengers with the municipalities and public transport authorities.
In which countries is the service available?
@tatoalo Online tickets available at: St. Mawes Ferry, Fal River Ferries, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK. This is according to their Google play page. I hope the maker can reveal more.
@bogomep Yep, it seem so, thanks. I think the website should also be updated to reflect the availability zones.
@tatoalo Agree. Also some steps on how a city can join is missing. .. Now this is the power of @producthunt :)
@tatoalo We are working hard to make it available in as many cities as possible across Europe.