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A few weeks ago, Watch People Code, a network of livestreaming coders, surfaced on Product Hunt. You might describe it as "TwitchTV for programming" and Ticker.tv could be described as "TwitchTV for traders." As the world becomes more open to transparency, connected, and arguably more vain, will we see more "TwitchTV for X's" emerge? @mikemikhjian - how are people using this today?
@rrhoover Great question Ryan and thanks for having us on ProductHunt! We have over 50 broadcasters who are streaming everything from #livetrading to #liveresearch. Skies are literally the limit! We have #livecommentary being streaming during market hours and post market hours. We have had several broadcasters conduct #liveinterviews with professional traders, industry experts, and educators. All market segments are being covered too, including equities (stocks), options, futures, and forex. There are even a few broadcasters who stream their #liveautomatedtrading models. We are really excited to see what is next! Ideas like live trading competitions or perhaps a floor traders at the NYSE strapping a GoPro on a live streaming what he is doing.
As a beginner in stock trading it would be much useful for me get access to educational library, than live shows)
@myshlaev Great point Vitaly! All live broadcasts are auto-archived for later viewing. There are many, many traders like yourself constantly on a quest for investing education, ideas, and tips. There are several Ticker.tv broadcasters currently who do #liveresearch primarily after market hours in the evening, we'd highly recommend checking them out! Here are a few broadcasters to take a look at: http://ticker.tv/greatstockpix, http://ticker.tv/stockboardasset, http://ticker.tv/stockjunkie
@mikemikhjian cool! Are going to create a topic based library and sort all videos by lessons?
@myshlaev great question. Our plans are to breakdown the live streams by category (we are finalizing them now internally). The broadcasters currently control their archived streams and can certainly name them by specific topic, something we actually actively encourage. Not every broadcaster is running educational lessons so they vary greatly. Eventually the broadcaster will select a topic category for that particular stream prior to going live and tag it with various investment types, ie "options and futures" so when users are search not only live streams, but archived ones, they will be able to rapidly locate streams of interest.