Tick A Date

Keep track of everyday life events

With Tick A Date, keep track of everyday life events:

1. You pick the event: go swimming, get a haircut, see the doc, etc.

2. You pick the day

3. You tick!

A color is then added in the in-app calendar that helps you remember and identify that particular event in one look.

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7 Reviews5.0/5
Tick A Date is a side project i developed in June. After a year and a half of development on a much more ambitious project, with lots of reboots and pivots, I desperately needed to ship a product. I wrote this simple app as a therapy and it surprisingly worked quite well!
@rbessuges launch as a therapy..interesting!
@rbessuges Awesome! P.S. how's the more ambitious project coming along now?
@dotmanish Actually it's going very well, I gained confidence in my ability to actually finish something, and we found a really great compromise between founders. ETA february :-)
Sounds really nice product!
It's look good !
Been looking for something like this actually. How do you get to stats, maybe needs more data points to display UI?
@jud5on Argh there's a big UX flaw right there. You need to tap on the event type name on the main screen. Thanks for giving it a try!
I think it will be interesting!