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Would you recommend Thundertick to a friend?


Josué Almeida
@z3ux · Social Media Manager @ KuantoKusta
Except if I have a keyboard with a non-US layout... :\
Joost Schuur
@joostschuur · Product manager, Playmob
Search doesn't seem to find anything I'd expect from open tabs, either by tab title or content. Is it possible that it's still indexing, @manak_ ? I did restart the browser. The options menu item is also grayed out.
Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
This looks dope. Explanation from the site: You can now search through every part of your browser including all your bookmarks, history, open tabs, downloads, installed apps and more... It gives you access to tons of commands like Sort open tabs, Refresh all Tabs, Take a screenshot and more... Thundertick takes advantage of the WILDLY under-utilized BACK… See more
Avadh B.S. Dwivedi
@avadhbsd · Designer
Seems to have merit in many ways. But usage and privacy ?
Thomas McLeod
@tmcleod3 · CEO - Omni
So this is basically Browser Alfred?