Thunderpod is aimed at making fitness fun and effortless. Our app uses 3D characters to represent your lifestyle. All you have to do is achieve simple personalized goals to get your pod stronger! You can then compete with your friends & family in fun challenges to win coins which can be redeemed on exciting deals.


  • Pros: 

    It is very interactive and has amazing features



    I really liked the app, it is challenging and addictive. You would end up being more active just to see how your avatar is changing with your fitness level

    Adi Jay has used this product for one year.
  • Saili Jagdale
    Saili JagdaleLove dessert

    amazing step counter


    many things are still developing

    SO to help you maintain your walk here we have got a new app called 'THUNDERPOD' . This is not just a regular fitness app just counting steps . But this app is more of a fitness game where you can compete with your friends which will eventually lead you to fitness and entertainment at the same time. The best part of this app is ,it consists of a fitness superhero which gets upgraded when you walk more and more . Basically the motto be ' walk more score more'. Not only this but the app also provides you with other information like calories burnt, fats burnts and petrol saved which will make you happy and help you to track your progress . Everyday you get new tasks to complete new distance to walk which will provide you with few game coins . This are very essential coins which will help you to maintain your progress and save deduction of your scores on a cheat day .Fitness is like a marraige you cant cheat on it and expect it to work but we have got coins to still keep it going.You can also buy double my reward and reduce your goal strategies to be on the top position of the scoreboard. What to do if you got no coins to cheat? No worries Whenever your new facebook friend joins this game you get 50 bonus coins thats how you can get them in the League too. So if you are someone new into the fitness field lazy for a walk but always ready for a game . Do give it a try
    Also this app will introduce new fun games so you can have more fun defeating your friends . Or by simply seeing your character getting upgraded or you getting thin. Take care of your body because its the only place where you have to live. Stay bold stay sexy

    Saili Jagdale has used this product for one year.


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Harsh Bhikadia
Harsh BhikadiaHunter@harsh_bhikadia · curious-mind
Exclusive fitness challenge for hunters. Use code "HUNTERS" to enter the challenge in the app. Screenshots:
Gaurav Singh Bisen
Gaurav Singh Bisen@gauravsinghbisen · Thunderpod
Damn. Looks so addictive! Great work guys! Already joined the challenge! Who all are in?
Angela  Gasparyan
Angela Gasparyan@angela_gasparyan · PR Specialist
This is a very great, interactive idea. Good job guys ! Will definetely give it a try. Let's see how long will the game keep me going !
Sarang Karhade
Sarang KarhadeMakerHiring@sarang_karhade · .
@angela_gasparyan: Thanks Angela! We hope you enjoy it! Cheers!
Parag Samant
Parag Samant@parag_samant
Interesting way of getting people inclined towards fitness.
Ihecci Mercy
Ihecci Mercy@ihecci · Strit Solutions
I totally love this