Thumbs Up News

Source of positive news powered by machine learning.

Thumbs up News is a website that shows only positive news. The news are scrapped from RSS feeds from different news websites and a sentiment analysis classifier runs over the news to filter through the data and show only positive news.
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Nice idea! Way to go 👏
@johanlejdung Thank you so much Johan!
Hey @fabiorosado Congrats on your PH launch. Love the story behind Thumbs Up News.
@pradipcloud Thank you so much for the message Pradip, was great to officially launch this product on your show :D
@fabiorosado You are welcome back anytime.
I have come up with the idea to create this project when the whole COVID-19 situation was starting to spread all over the globe. There was a time where the only news you could get was bad or worrying. So the idea of running a sentiment analysis classifier came to mind and filter through hundreds of headlines to show up only positive ones. This project was created mostly as a learning experience, I'm using NLTK to train and classify sentences, scrappy to scrape the RSS feeds, Django for the backend and Nextjs for the frontend. Everything is set in docker and being served from docker-compose through a digital ocean droplet. There is still a lot of things that could be improved on this project, but I'm happy with this first MVP version of it and happy to share with you. Please let me know what do you think, I will look forward to reading your feedback. I also hope that you find some value on this project and that it can help you read some positive news and brighten your day. In the future, I want to add more sources and remove the ones that greet you with a paywall although this seems to be the norm when it comes to news publishers.
What all are the sources of RSS?
@gauthamzzz I got a lot of them but want to add more. You can see all the sources and what I used to build the project on the about page. Im using cnn, gizmodo, Washington post, daily mail, etc