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#4 Product of the DayAugust 18, 2019
The API generates JPG and PDF file previews for all common document formats, using a super simple API. Get an API token for $15/mo, and create an unlimited number of preview images!
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Would be nice to see some samples of the previews that are generated.
@rayliverified Thanks! Added some simple examples to the homepage.
@rayliverified I don't see any examples in the homepage yet. It's impossible to buy something without knowing what it does deeply. please update the website with examples as soon as possible :-)
@alessio_santoro Might be caching, seems like I might have set the cache headers a bit too aggressively :) Try going here:
I think you should put up a note on how you handle the data you're receiving (data privacy, confidentiality etc.)
@swiftpolar Very good point, will add a short paragraph on privacy later today. Thank you!
You sir just won a customer! Seriously, I was suffering to be able to generate thumbnail for some videos and having this API saved my LIFE !!!
@guilherme_carneiro_lopes Great to hear! Send me a message on Twitter or email if I can help in any way with the setup!
Hi there! I created this super simple API out of a personal need to have file thumbnails/previews on a few of my websites. If you subscribe now, you'll pay $8/mo forever, with an unlimited number of requests per month. Pricing will change after September 1st. Feel free to ask any questions about the tool here, or message me at thomas at
I would be much safer to buy if I could install the app on my own hosting. Like Sendy 4 for example.