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Check to see if your app is in the thumb zone

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Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
Cool little app that's a bit like a heat map to see if your how your mobile app is positioned for the "thumb zone".
Nicolás J. Engler
Nicolás J. EnglerMaker@nicolasjengler · Digital product designer.
@erictwillis thanks, Eric. Just like Antonela said, we built this tool to help designer see if their UI is thumb-friendly, so far it's been a fun and fulfilling project 😁
Leo Moravtchik
Leo Moravtchik@moravtchik · CEO, diggidi
Love it, will use it! Suggestion - for apps still in planning maybe you could create a sketch tool for them to layout what they are planning and then see the "thumbzone" they'll get. Then they can change the layout on the spot to get better results. Also I think if you can give priorities to different buttons on the screen... I wouldn't mind the "settings" button rarely used to be placed in a bad "thumbzone". Also going to use the name from now on, thanks!
antonelaMaker@holantonela · Designer at
@moravtchik Hi Leo! Thanks for your comment! Definitely, YES. We are working on a sketch plugin. Also yes, call to actions has different priorities due to visual and ux hierarchy. The main idea here is to check if the main actions (not necessary buttons, but switches or drags for example) are able to get done by the most used handholds. If you're interested in this topic, check this Josh Clarke's amazing read Stay tuned so we can update you when is done :)
antonelaMaker@holantonela · Designer at
Hey! Thanks for adding! With @nicolasjengler we built this small side project to help users to check if your interface is comfortable enough to use within the thumb’s natural, sweeping arc. We're still working on adding new device sizes and other functionality to Check the thumb! If you have some ideas or suggestions, don't hesitate to write us to We hope you find it useful in your product design process!
Rohan Vijay
Rohan Vijay@vijay_rohan
I think it is one of the key factors that should be kept in mind while designing for the special cases of limited accessibility wherein a user is supposed to perform actions only through single hand. Great app for designers :) Kudos to the team!
Scott Hurff
Scott Hurff@scotthurff · Product Manager & Lead Designer, Tinder
Good to see the Thumb Zone continue to thrive in the wild!
antonelaMaker@holantonela · Designer at
@scotthurff Thanks a lot Scott! As I said privately, your support seems a lot for us. Our small project is 100% based in your theoretic approach :)